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Please enjoy watching the short club promo video below to learn what Children Who Care and Girls Who Care is all about.  You can also read about it below.  

Club Promo Video

Event Speech
"How did the club start ~ What is the vision?"
Hannah Newton (2014 event - 10 years old)
   King5 NBC New Day Northwest

Q13 Fox Morning News
3 of the girls at 10 years old.  Live Studio interview.

What is the
Girls Who Care Club (formerly) Children Who Care Club?

The Children Who Care Club started as a group of very young girls who put their hearts into action to serve their community.  Each girl continues to have a drive and passion for people in need.  This club plans and executes their own monthly projects with the resources they have.  Even though they are still young, they are able to impact their community in large ways.  They have faithfully completed projects for many national organizations monthly for well over five years now, inspiring everyone along the way!  The girls are now growing up.  They wanted a more fitting name which evolved into the Girls Who Care Club.

How did the Children Who Care Club begin?

The Children Who Care Club was started in the heart of a seven year old girl in 2010.  She had a burning desire to show love to the world around her.  After sharing this with her mom, she began writing letters of encouragement to the homeless.  Her hopes were that she could bring hope and light to their circumstances.  Friends started joining in, then her school did the same.  This led to the formation of this club of compassionate young girls who want to show God's love to the world around them!

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