Help make a difference!

The Girls Who Care Club is currently looking for donations in the form of gift cards. This helps us complete different projects.  We often make items for organizations or buy items of great need.   To help us be able to do more than what our piggy banks can afford, gift cards are greatly appreciated.  100% of gift card donations go to our project work for charity. Cards to craft stores, fabric stores and places like Target get put to good use when completing these projects.  This type of donations is greatly appreciated.

Ideas for individual donations:  gift cards, supplies, event raffle donations, service donations, etc..

Girls Who Care Club
PO Box 12839
Mill Creek, WA  98082

The Girls Who Care Club is currently looking for businesses to help support our continued mission to touch the lives of those people in our community, please contact us with goods or services that you can help with.

Ideas for business donations:  fundraising match, future event sponsorship, project partnership, raffle donations, etc.

Kelli Newton

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