Ways to participate

Ways to help the club?

1.   The girls are always looking for sponsors that will help offset the costs of their projects.  If you would like to help support the group as a whole or a particular girl with a project, please contact us through the contact page.

2.  Gift cards to craft stores help the girls tremendously when they make things for organizations.  Whether it is blankets for Children's Hospital, giving tree cards for Vision House or supplies to make cards with the residents of a nursing home, the craft store gift cards go a long way in helping offset some of the costs of their projects.

3.  Most importantly, you can pray that the girls' service will touch hearts on both sides of these projects.

Want to join a club?

Club entry takes place in the fall of every year.  Since the girls plan all the months' projects in advance and the girls get assigned different projects to be working on throughout the year, they don't have new members come to club meetings beyond the 2nd month.  If you would like to join a club, please send us your information and we would be happy to have you included in a club the following year.  It takes dedication and reliability because you work with a team for several months on your project.  Meetings are generally on Fridays. 

Want to start a club?
If you would like to start a club in your area, please send us a message on the contact form.  We have several girls who are willing to mentor kids wanting to start their own club.  If you made it this far reading this, you should go for it.  

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